Project Overview

Project Title: Transnational Alliance of Clusters Towards Improved Cooperation Support
Project Acronym: TACTICS
Project Type: INNO-Nets
Duration: 36 months
Start Date: September 2009
End Date: August 2012
Key words:


The TACTICS project, coordinated by OSEO (FR), is the new INNO-Net project in the area of cluster policy. It aims at supporting and further expanding the European Cluster Alliance, and contributing to the development of better cluster policies and practical tools in Europe.

Project Overview

TACTICS brings together 7 leading national and regional public innovation organisations, namely VINNOVA (SE), TMG (AT), North West Development Agency (UK), OSEO (FR), IWT (BE), VENINN (IT), and PAED (PL), which are committed to promote mutual policy learning in this area and to improve cluster policy making.

The seven partners, who will be assisted by the TACTICS Reflection Group of external policy partners, will work on the development of policy incentives and practical tools to support cluster development in the EU and disseminate these results to a larger community of cluster stakeholders.

Specific objectives:

The project will focus on a number of policy actions and propose practical support initiatives, on 6 major themes:

Striving for excellent clusters:

    1) Fostering international cluster cooperation;
    2) Evaluating cluster excellence;
    3) Supporting cluster marketing and branding.

Making better use of excellent clusters:

    4) Using excellent clusters to address emerging industries, incl. innovative services; 
    5) Channelling RDI funding through excellent clusters;
    6) Supporting user-driven excellent clusters.

These themes will be debated through workshops to be organised over the next 3 years starting as from September 2009.

In addition, synergies with other EU cluster initiatives will be exploited, such as with the European Cluster Observatory and the European Cluster Excellence Initiative as well as with the European Cluster Policy Group.


The TACTICS project will:
    1. Support and further expand the European Cluster Alliance (ECA) through the ECA Secretariat which, inter alia, will assist in the organisation of the annual ECA Assemblies;
    2. Establish the TACTICS Reflection Group bringing together external cluster policy makers to help the project successfully conduct the different workshops on the 6 thematic areas and disseminate the TACTICS results;