INNO-Policy TrendChart

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INNO-Policy TrendChart
INNO-Policy TrendChart

INNO Policy TrendChart describes and analyses major innovation policy trends at national level across Europe in an independent way.

It aims to contribute to policy assessment and to identify examples of good practice, thus improving the basis for decision making in innovation policy.

A policy monitoring network tracks developments in research and innovation policy measures in 48 countries.

The information collected by this network is used to run and maintain the European Inventory of Research and Innovation Policy Measures, a common database of INNO Policy TrendChart and ERAWATCH , moreover it also feeds into analytical reports such as the ‘Innovation Policy Trends’, the ‘Innovation Policy Funding’ and other thematic reports.

By 2012, the INNO Policy TrendChart and ERAWATCH policy monitoring activities will be run as a single fully integrated operation.


Measuring innovation in Europe and beyond

INNO-Policy TrendChart provides detailed information about innovation trends in 39 countries in Europe, the Mediterranean region, North America and Asia.

The country pages are a a gateway to to all INNO-Policy TrendChart products related to a specific country, such as annual country reports, briefings, information on policy measures and Government decisions.

Using the interactive map of the country pages, all information stored on the INNO-Policy TrendChart about an individual country is only one click away.