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Overview of the call

Overview (see the flyer)

1. What is Innovation Express?

Innovation Express represents a common European approach of transnational interclustering.

Innovation Express is a joint call for proposals developed under the TACTICS/European Cluster Alliance initiative (Innovation Express was initiated by the INNET project, in the frame of Pro Inno Europe).

It is funded by national/regional funding agencies/authorities to initiate or reinforce technology based intercluster cooperation activities leaning on cluster organisations to built the proposals for their SMEs members: clusters are considered as a good vehicle to prepare such cooperations for the benefit of companies and specially SMEs.

Expected activities are for example: technological partnerships, benchmarking, strategic analysis, support to technology transfer, training programmes, mobility of staff aiming at building coherent and sustainable intercluster partnerships.

2. Scope and opening of the call

Innovation Express funding partners will support proposals submitted by European clusters located in their geographical area and addressing intercluster technology cooperations, for the benefit of their SMEs members.

Targeted clusters can be located either in Europe or outside Europe.

All activity sectors are concerned.

Either cluster organisations and/or SMEs in clusters may be funded, according to the National/Regional funding organisations’rules.

Submission of proposals will be opened from February 2011, according to the National/Regional funding organisations’rules.

Information about the call and submission of proposals will be done on the PRO INNO Europe website under “Innovation express” by cluster organisations only.

List of clusters eligible to be funded by the Agencies/organisations participating in Innovation express call